We tailor our full range of services to suit your needs and your budget.  No two customers need the same range of services and so we uniquely adapt our program to suit you.

What pleases us most is the pleasure in knowing that we have looked after your home outdoor environment and you have a place of beauty and tranquility to enjoy all year round.  We promise to always maintain great communication with you on matters which you need to be aware of and to work with you to find solutions where needed.  We are here to help you through advice and delivering practical solutions to ensure we exceed your expectations in us and the service we provide to you.  


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Landscape Maintenance

We pride ourselves on looking after all your regular and ongoing landscaping needs so you can enjoy a professionally looking front and back garden all year round.  Our landscaping maintenance program specializes in a number of areas to suit you and your gardens individual needs and requirements:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly lawn maintenance including mowing and edging removing all waste into your green bin ready for collection.

  • We can apply fertilizer as needed to ensure that continuing rich green look to your lawns.

  • Advise and set, if appropriate, the correct timing of your irrigation system to ensure your lawn receives the correct amount of water during the week depending on the weather and any water restrictions enforced at any time by the water district.

  • Weed abatement for lawn and shrubbery areas.

  • Plant pruning as needed.

New Lawn Installation

We can install a brand new lawn that will provide years of enjoyable usage and provide a rich green appeal to your front and back garden.

  • Removal of existing lawn

  • Preparation of existing or new ground ready to receive a new lawn

  • Ensure all drainage is installed prior to laying new lawn

  • Selection and installation of new lawn

  • Testing of sprinkler system to ensure the new lawn receives the correct amount of water

Tree Service

We specialize in the management and maintenance of your trees.  We can provide all necessary tree surgery and care of shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants.  We can advise on the ongoing health and safety of individual trees or wooded landscapes.

  • Lasing

  • Ornamental pruning

  • Tapping

  • Tree and shrubbery removal (including tree stump)

Landscape Drainage

We can provide services to your garden drainage to ensure correct flow of excess water.

  • Full system design and installation

  • Drainage upgrades, maintenance (dealing with blockages etc) and repairs

Fence and Gates

Our experience can help ensure all your fences and gates remain strong, well maintained, good looking and able to withstand the elements.  Services include:

  • Fence painting

  • Post replacements

  • Gate repairs

  • Full installations


Garden irrigation is a major factor in ensuring your garden remains beautiful looking just the way you designed it to be.  We can provide an extensive irrigation installation, ongoing maintenance, repairs and additions.

  • Full design,  installation and commissioning of your garden irrigation system

  • Full maintenance service including valve repairs/replacements; leak detections and troubleshooting; irrigation control setup

Planting and Mulch Service

Our wide knowledge of plants and mulch and its appropriate application, we can provide advice and installation on the correct planting and associated mulch requirements. 

Landscape Renovation Work

We can provide a full renovation service through the removal of dead or dying trees/plants and provide a complete makeover of the landscaping to bring fresh life and vitality to your landscape.

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